DeCoRaTiVe ArAtHi pLaTeS

Hi viewers...

We are selling/renting Wedding arathy plates,designer plates,seervarisai plates,trousseau packing,decorative trays,basket packing,fruit gift baskets and more...

and we Personalised gifts and return gifts/give away gift for all functions and parties..

Tuesday 2 August 2022

Seervarisai set
                 Decor alone-500 Each
                 Wrap alone-350
                  Wrap alone-300
       Tray with full decoration-700
Baby shower hamper tray-500 onwards only decor
Doll with topper only decorated tray with decorative doll-2000
               Wrap alone-550 each
10x10”-With topper doll starts from Rs-550(doll according to theme and budget)
Tray with theme topper available starts from-650 for 12”
Trousseau topper tray wrap alone-650
      Big tray wrap alone-200 each
          Luxury wrap-1500 each
         Wrap and decor alone-500
                Lotus plate-800
           Tray with wrap-650
Big tray SS plate fancy net wrap and decor alone-400
Baby shower trays and any doll topper tray starts from 1500 include chocolate
Betel leaves arrangement and plate decor with statue from - 1000
Chocolate packing in different way’s starts from 500 work alone
Engagement exchange plate starts from-1800 include materials
    Name plate starts from-850 more