DeCoRaTiVe ArAtHi pLaTeS

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We are selling/renting Wedding arathy plates,designer plates,seervarisai plates,trousseau packing,decorative trays,basket packing,fruit gift baskets and more...

and we Personalised gifts and return gifts/give away gift for all functions and parties..

Sunday, 31 July 2022

Babyshower Arathiplate/Seer trays
Baby topper with chocolates(edible)-2000
Kanna tray alone-2000
Blue baby blue mini-1000
Blue baby pink mini-1000
Baby playroom-1500
Baby to be- set-4000
Coming soon-001-2000
Krishna tray big/grand-2500
Krishna Arathiplate-850
Baby- dairy milk-1400
Barbie-valaigappu grp-001-3000
Leaf krishna-1500
Barbie valaigappu-002-3000
Barbie valaigappu-003-2800
Raj’s special doll valaigappu-001-3000
Krishna topper tray-3200
Cute family fullfilled-2400
Candy baby-2000(include candy)
Multiple Passion baby-6000-16x20” platter 
Single passion baby-1000 6x6” plater
Mom with baby bumb-1-Rs-1500
Mom with baby bumb standing topper 
For bangle or flower plate 
Big size-8500
Medium size-6500
Small size-4500