DeCoRaTiVe ArAtHi pLaTeS

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We are selling/renting Wedding arathy plates,designer plates,seervarisai plates,trousseau packing,decorative trays,basket packing,fruit gift baskets and more...

and we Personalised gifts and return gifts/give away gift for all functions and parties..

Friday, 16 April 2021

Raj’s special barbie set arathiplates
Arunthathi parthal-2500
Mana medai-2500
Pen partial-3000
Mapillai nalangu-2000
Valayal nalungu-2500
Metti nalungu-2500
Ponnuku nalungu-2000
Thottil function-2800
Paanai-mothira nalungu-2800
Mehandhi function-2800

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