DeCoRaTiVe ArAtHi pLaTeS

Hi viewers...

We are selling/renting Wedding arathy plates,designer plates,seervarisai plates,trousseau packing,decorative trays,basket packing,fruit gift baskets and more...

and we Personalised gifts and return gifts/give away gift for all functions and parties..

Sunday 3 July 2022

Wrapping/Packing clothes
       Trousseau packing cloth gold-5mtr-500
    Trousseau Packing clothyellow-5mtr-500
Trousseau Packing cloth green-5mtr-500
   Trousseau Packing cloth Red-5mtr-500
Wrapping Regular net 10 mtr-250   
Wrapping Regular Gold net Roll-1500
 tia net roll -2000
Tia net 10mtr-300